Coach Chris is the voice that we need in Concord

To the Editor: Our country has gone from 0 to 60, racing toward something unrecognizable, in what seems like overnight. Our Constitution is being challenged on many fronts. Democrats are laser-focused on dismantling our Second Amendment and we are moving sharply away from free speech, American sovereignty, and capitalism. It’s never been more critical than now to have representatives who will fight to preserve our constitution.

The district in which I now reside (Merrimack 23 — Bow/Dunbarton) has three state representative seats. Democrats occupy two and the third will be filled on June 8th. Conservatives need a Republican to fill that seat so that our voices are represented in Concord. Christopher Lins — also known as “Coach Chris” — is the candidate I strongly support to fill that seat.

Chris is involved in and committed to his community, his church, and his coaching. He is full of energy and he is passionate about our state and our country!

Chris shares my views on critical issues such as protecting our First and Second Amendments, American sovereignty, education, lowering taxes, controlling spending, voter integrity, and fighting Critical Race Theory.

Chris worked diligently during his primary race and will bring that same hardworking spirit to Concord, as we bring back a necessary, conservative voice to Merrimack 23.

I strongly support Chris’s candidacy and encourage Merrimack 23 voters to check out his platform! See you at the polls on June 8th, as we cast a vote for liberty, freedom, and Coach Chris!



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