Put NH’s future first

To the Editor: Like many other Granite Staters, on Jan. 6 I sat horrified as I watched the halls of our great Capitol denigrated by insurrectionists intent on harming our nation.

These people were not simply supporters of Donald Trump; that would inappropriately portray many of his voters. Rarely do I agree with those who supported Mr. Trump, but supporting him does not make one a bad person. One’s political preferences do not dictate one’s virtue; it shows exactly what the term claims to demonstrate, one’s political preferences.

On a national level, we are seeing the increased demonization of those who don’t share our views. According to this doctrine, if one does not agree with us, they are automatically of poor character. This damaging idea causes exactly what we saw on Jan. 6. This trend, albeit to a lesser extent, is also creeping into New Hampshire.

Look no further than the state Legislature, where we are seeing a battle over whether or not we should allow people to serve their communities without putting themselves at increased COVID-19 risk. It is common sense that these legislators should be able to do their job, yet even this has become a stage for political demonization.

We must remember here in New Hampshire that we are not enemies in perpetual battle, but rather are neighbors trying to make our state the best it can be. We all are Granite Staters first, and we must continue to be united in our commitment to creating a better state.



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