Take a knee in Chicago

To the Editor: I am very glad to see some of our state’s Democratic representatives taking a knee during the National Anthem. It shows how concerned they are in what’s happening in other cities and states around the country.

Now they can really prove how dedicated they are to reducing the murders, looting and riots in the U.S. if they sell their New Hampshire properties and move to Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Baltimore or New York. They should be very happy and successful in these Democratically-controlled cities.

Chicago would be espcially happy with their actions to reduce murders and shootings considering, in June alone, there were 424 shootings and 89 murders (75% of the victims were Black, according to the the Chicago Sun-Times).

I hope everyone wishes the Democratic representatives who took a knee during the National Anthem success when they move to their new homes.


Union Street, Manchester

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