Emergency shouldn’t trump our freedoms

To the Editor: I am writing on behalf of the many constituents who disagree with Governor Chris Sununu’s new mask mandate. We are not inconsiderate murderers who want people to die. We are reasonable citizens, who want to live in a voluntary state where we are free to make medical decisions for ourselves. We should not be forced to give up that right because an emergency is declared.

I’m not debating the efficacy of such mandates or the severity of coronavirus. I’m also aware of CDC and Health Department guidelines, but do not believe their recommendations should be turned into mandates. These entities were not elected to govern us, no matter how many credentials they may have or how grave a crisis may be.

The precedent for restricting freedom has been set and I fear this will go beyond forcing masks on our faces. I’m urging the governor to return to our voluntary system, where heath status remains private, medical decisions are personal, and we maintain our inherent bodily sovereignty.

Let us wear masks as we individually see fit. Let us be responsible for taking care of ourselves and protecting the vulnerable, like we’ve done in pandemics past. This is fair for everyone and will prevent one group of people from forcing their will upon another. This trend will only get worse if mandates continue.

We don’t look to leaders to save us from viruses, but we expect them to defend our civil liberties, even when it is not politically expedient to do so.



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