Feltes is undermining Sununu on environment

To the Editor: The entire state should be disgusted by the partisanship the New Hampshire State Senate showed recently with the Land Conservation Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP).

LCHIP is an incredible program that works to conserve and preserve New Hampshire’s historic buildings, farms and open spaces.

It is a critical program to preserve our state’s unique culture and history. It rightly has broad support across the political spectrum.

Recently, the Legislature passed a tax increase on the transfers of real estate to give more funding to LCHIP. Governor Sununu has made clear from the beginning that he could not support tax increases that drove up costs on first-time home buyers. However, rather than just vetoing the bill, the governor worked with environmental advocates to put forward compromises.

First, the governor offered to put a donation check box on the real estate transfer forms to allow people to voluntarily donate to LCHIP. The Democrats rejected that idea.

Undeterred, the governor offered to give LCHIP another $250,000 out of the current state budget. It is estimated that this funding could have benefited six to eight projects.

Democrats again rejected that proposed compromise and refused to consider anything except a tax increase.

For Sen. Feltes and Democrats, they would rather hurt LCHIP than permit Gov. Sununu from getting anything accomplished in an election year.

This isn’t the New Hampshire way and LCHIP deserved better.

Rep. John Janigian


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To the Editor: I am writing not as a voter in District 3 but as a supporter of Mindi Messmer for Executive Council District 3. I met Mindi over a year ago and recently had the pleasure of accompanying Mindi on a trip to Washington DC where we both spoke at the Less Cancer.org event.