The fight to end abortion can’t just stop, Dr. Goldner

To the Editor: In response to Dr. Wayne Goldner’s recent op-ed, who will fight for the helpless if we stop? We have murdered more than 6 million babies since Roe. A toll worse than the Aztecs on their sacrificial altars. As a Christian nation, we must defend the unborn. A woman’s choice comes into play before there is a baby, not after. We should stop sexualizing our children. We should leave sex education to parents not unionized schools.

We should stop forcing taxpayers who abhor abortion as murder to pay for it. We should stop the U.S. government from forcing countries who oppose abortion to promote it in exchange for money from American taxpayers.

Where has abortion led? Like ghouls, we harvest aborted baby parts creating an entire new market for the humanists. Pharma harvests baby parts to create the vaccines we receive! How much evil are we to acquiesce to? Where does the satanic mentality end?

What type of society do we want to live in? One where life of the innocent is murdered for convenience? This is exactly what the global elite wants, it makes it easier to treat us as fodder. Or would you rather live in a world where life of the innocent is valued. Where every life is encouraged to contribute to their ability. One where there are moral values, personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. Right now we seem to venerate smut and evil. As Christ said: a den of vipers.



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