Fine health insurers that delay care for profit

To the Editor: As if having a Stage 4 Cancer isn’t bad enough, one has to battle with their insurance company.

My doctors want to give me another round of radiation treatments to control the new tumors that showed up in my last CAT scan, but it is being delayed while they are battling with my insurance company for approval.

Getting started with treatment is essential for survival, but your insurance company is often working against you, trying to pinch pennies. I would like to see laws where the insurance companies are automatically fined 10 times the cost of treatment whenever a doctor states that the delay in treatment adversely affected their patient’s health.

The insurance companies know when you are battling cancer you don’t have the endurance to fight them, so they try to take advantage of this. They are run by bean counters that have no heart or soul. I know I am not alone in experiencing this. Something needs to change. Treatment delayed is treatment denied. You pay for insurance, but it is not there when you need it.



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