Freeze evictions for those seeking help

To the Editor: In recent statements included in a Fox Business interview on July 13, Governor Chris Sununu claimed that the slow distribution of the latest round of rent relief funds is evidence that we do not need the $200 million to help New Hampshire residents stay in their homes.

The truth is that we do not know what the real need is. Because of logistical challenges here and around the country, applications are backlogged up to two months. Though the agencies are clearing 500 to 600 applications every two weeks, over 3,000 cases remain open. This number has not moved significantly in over two months. And none of these numbers include the people who will be eligible to re-apply for continued assistance every three months.

Despite what our governor says, we are continuing to deal with the economic consequences of the pandemic and the need for rent assistance is great. Instead of dismissing these issues to make political points, Sununu must freeze eviction processes for those who have applied and not yet learned if they will get help, and he must give the Community Action Partnerships the resources they need to keep people in their homes.



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To the Editor: I was delighted when the state budget trailer bill passed with  abortion restriction included. Now abortions are restricted in the 7th, 8th, and 9th month of pregnancy when the baby is sucking her thumb, moving and kicking, and can recognize her mother’s voice.