Believe Gardner over Pelosi

To the Editor: I would like to congratulate Secretary of State Bill Gardner. His voice in Friday’s Wall Street Journal opinion piece was as clear and concise as an apolitical politician could be.

As most of you well know, Mr. Gardner has been overseeing Granite State voting since December of 1976. He is the longest-serving secretary of state in U.S. history. Gardner was invited by Republicans to testify at last Tuesday’s U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, which Democrats titled Jim Crow 2021. The media and Senate Democrats barely acknowledged Mr. Gardner. Why would they diss one of their own? Because Gardner is against HR1.

This bill would impose procedures such as early voting and absentee voting on states. Gardner said just because you make voting easier, it does not raise turnout automatically. Yet Democrats continue to claim the voting system is racist, suppressive, etc.

New Hampshire doesn’t allow provisional ballots. Why? Because it would derail the public reading of tallies. We also require an ID. Every African American I know has an ID and there is no suppression obtaining one. You can register on Election Day. Because of New Hampshire laws, this state has been 3rd in turnout in the last four presidential elections with 72.2% in the last election. Oregon was the first state to vote by mail. It used to be one of the top 11 states in voting and now it’s 17. California sits at 46th for turnout. Don’t believe Pelosi, believe Bill Gardner.


Searles Road, Nashua