Be an informed voter

To the Editor: I am a native of New Hampshire born and raised in Concord. My grandfather was a state legislator and my mother, a Wentworth, could trace her ancestry to the first governors. And I am a former public school teacher.

I am appalled that the Republican-dominated legislature in this “Live Free or Die” state has impinged on so many principles of our state that I hold dear. Their redirection of state funds to private and religious schools, their prohibition of school teachers from discussing race and gender, and their oppressive control of women’s rights as regard abortions is outrageous in a democracy and in particular in a state that venerates one’s freedom!

I may be wrong but I think if more citizens of our state were fully informed of these proposed legislations, this would not be happening. It is my fervent wish that the newspapers would publish a weekly column that gives us information on the bills coming before the legislature before they are voted on and become law much the same as the NH League of Women Voters does for its members. Then all would have one place to go to know before hand what is being proposed and be able to make their opinions known to their representatives.

We all need to become more informed voters. It is our state. We need to take better care of it.



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