Global warming a lie

To the Editor: The reason Americans are not buying in to global warming is the continual lies by the MSM. Al Roker is pushing a falsehood by stating that Venice sea-level rise is 9 inches.

What a bold face lie. Venice is sinking into the clay, period. Heavy flooding is causing flooding of Venice!

Every time there is a storm surge, it’s sea level rising.

The Weather Channel claims Charleston, S.C., due to rising sea, is flooding at a rate of 1 inch every two years! Another lie!

Why then is the Bay of Fundy, with 58-foot tides, Plymouth Rock and the Everglades, not flooding? In fact, the Everglades drop 4 feet during the dry season.

Lastly, Antarctica is growing, 8-12 feet of sea ice, the arctic is back to normal sea ice, 3-6 feet, and 250 million people are experiencing record cold!

The reality is that the real sea-level rise is 1/2 inch every 100 years, see Cold Regions research stats!

This is offset by evaporation from the Pacific Ocean alone!

Global warming is about redistribution of wealth and income. See U.N. Agenda 21 and read it for yourself.