Granite State gratitude for a year of heroic service

To the Editor: I want to personally thank all the first responders, front line workers, EMTs, doctors, firefighters and police who helped our citizens all year during this COVID pandemic. I try to keep well informed and have not seen it written that without RNs, LPNs, respiratory therapists, nursing assistants, the patients with or without COVID would not have been cared for.

In fact, all hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices would have closed. A hospital would not be operational without nursing staff. We must not forget these educated, compassionate, hard working, dedicated professionals, who have also put themselves in difficult patient care settings, losing their lives as well and jeopardizing the health of their family members, as they work tirelessly day after day.

So, on May 12th, International Nurses Day, please give an extra elbow bump, high five, wave, salute or social distance hug to all the nurses you know. Grateful and thankful a million times over.