HB 266 puts federal agents ahead of local control in NH

To the Editor: We’ve seen time and again here in New Hampshire how federal agencies such as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection consistently violate the law and terrorize our communities through unconstitutional checkpoint stops and harmful cooperative agreements with local law enforcement.

HB 266, a bill being voted on this week by the New Hampshire House of Representatives, attempts to enshrine shameful immigration enforcement practices into state law. And to do it, it aims to go over the heads of local municipalities’ decision-making abilities and force them to prioritize ICE’s abusive agenda above all else.

Immigrant communities in New Hampshire are our communities. They are our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. They are workers, creatives, taxpayers and contributing residents of the Granite State.

We should be working to ensure that our laws and policies invest in community safety and trust — not implementing discriminatory laws that take away time and money that would be better spent on supporting solutions that bring our communities together.

The New Hampshire House should vote against HB 266 because it does not represent Granite State values. Like an acid, this bill would erode the trust between the community and the local officials tasked to serve and protect them. It has no place here.


Porter Street, Manchester

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