Patriots would treat our flag with greater respect

To the Editor: For all of you super patriotic people flying flags off the back of your vehicles, here’s a little refresher on flag etiquette.

First of all, flying the flag on a vehicle is considered rude. Military vehicles, government vehicles, funeral circumstances, parade situations are the exception.

Secondly, the sun should never set on the American flag unless it’s being illuminated. Better get home before dark. If not illuminated, the flag is supposed to be taken down every night and folded properly.

Third, if the flag gets tattered it’s supposed to be folded and burned appropriately.

Four, the American flag is always higher than other flags. So those “Don’t Tread” and “Blue Line” and “Confederate” flags must be lower. Unless of course your patriotism is for something other than the United States.

The flag is a symbol of the United States. It doesn’t stand for a sports team, or political view. It stands for 50 states collectively creating the United States of America. You can rudely display it at will, but many of us notice.

Oh yeah, I forgot one. The flag shouldn’t be on a T-shirt for you to sweat in, dirty up, rip and throw in the laundry. Unless, of course, that’s your patriotic thing?


Cilley Road, Manchester

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
Monday, September 20, 2021

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