Tolerate intolerable and homelessness persists

To the Editor: There are tents on the courthouse lawn in Manchester. These tents house homeless citizens of New Hampshire. The state is in the process of “evicting” the people living there. Some work two jobs, one man is 80. How do we tolerate the intolerable? How does one evict someone with nowhere to go?

The state government is willing to accept that people live in tents with nowhere else to go. We are the wealthiest country in the world, and yet homelessness is an ongoing issue.

According to the CDC, people experiencing homelessness may be at risk for infection during community spread of COVID-19. The agency states that lack of stable housing contributes to poor physical and mental health outcomes, and that pathways to permanent housing must continue to be a priority. Those pathways are not a priority for Governor Chris Sununu. During this week of dropping temperatures, the governor refused Manchester’s mayor use of the National Guard Armory as a haven for those in need of shelter.

Gov. Sununu hopes to cut the business tax, thus reducing revenue, leaving the state with fewer resources to support persons with mental health and substance abuse issues. Both issues, along with a shortage of affordable housing, are major causes of homelessness.

Whether the governor or state officials acknowledge it, housing is a human right. Please do not tolerate what is intolerable; call Governor Sununu. Ask him to open the Armory and prioritize increasing the stock of subsidized housing. It’s the right thing to do; we should tolerate no less.



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To the Editor: Lily Tang Williams has a good head on her shoulders, speaks from experience, and is extremely articulate. Thank you for sharing her voice with your readers. I pray that New Hampshire citizens heed her words and fight back against Marxism. America depends on it!

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