If Democrats want unity start with an apology

To the Editor: Fonzie on “Happy Days” could never say he was wrong. Nor can Democrats and their sycophantic media with four years of persecuting President Donald Trump with false accusations about being a Russian asset, an incompetent Robert Mueller probe and finally culminating in a hyper-partisan impeachment trial. All this while holding Trump supporters in deep contempt, labeling us racist, fascist, Nazis and so forth.

Now Joe Biden et al. wants and expects civility and unity from half the population that he and the entire Democrat Party treated as scum for the last four years. Seriously? Before this handicapped vet rolls over and sings “Kumbaya” the entire New Hampshire Democrat federal delegation (Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, Annie Kuster and Chris Pappas) needs to give a joint statement saying that their political party was wrong in berating us. But that will never happen; because the one thing that politicians hate above all else is humbling themselves and admitting they’re wrong.



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