If we forget the past it just might repeat itself

To the Editor: Regarding wording and sentiment about suppression of “divisive concepts” and “systemic racism” that has found its way into New Hampshire’s proposed state budget, it does not sound appropriate to include this in a process that presumably deals with income and expenditure.

In fact, I can’t think of any good place to include this proposal. Are not all attempts to suppress debate problematic?

This one seems deliberately injurious or at best very unwise. Anytime I discourage examination of past events, particularly past mistakes, I encourage, and make more probable, the repetition or perpetuation of those mistakes.

How would a person of the Jewish faith or of Roma heritage living in Germany feel about a similar suggestion regarding the Nazi regime’s extreme racism and the extermination camps that resulted?

How do we deal with any challenge if we are prevented from discussing it? Education and frank discussion around racism, sexism and violence are essential here and now if we are to avoid becoming a repulsive example discussed by future generations.



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