If you believe in ‘Live Free or Die’ then elect Republicans

To the Editor: I am a refugee from Connecticut. I chose to live in New Hampshire to escape my former state’s taxes and rights infringements. Democrat legislators have controlled that state for more than 60 years, which now fiscally resembles California and New Jersey. When I lived in the Nutmeg State, we were constantly told by our union leadership (UAW and AFT in my case), that the Democrats represent the working middle class. This was and is far from the truth. My union dues were funneled into Democrat coffers, both locally and nationally. Our manufacturing jobs were farmed out to China and Mexico. State, as well as local and national Democrats (and Rinos), did little to stem the drain of high-paying jobs. Tax relief in Connecticut was unheard of as both social programs and government increasingly grew.

The choice is clear for New Hampshire voters. If you believe in the spirit of “Live Free or Die” you need to vote for our Republican candidates. Our state motto coincides with the motto “Make America Great” and therefore on a national level I choose our President over the “Red Chinese puppet.”



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