I’m not voting for Trump, I’ve voting for his results

To the Editor: Wow! Kudos to Shannon McGinley for the best article pertaining to the presidential election I have ever read. She is spot on. I have cut out her article and may frame it.

I also am voting for the Republican ticket. Not because I am a Donald Trump fan but because of his administration’s achievements for the good of our country in the last four years. I am a lifetime (I’m 79 years old) subscriber to this newspaper and find it unimaginable that its editors have completely lost their minds. You have chosen, Joe Biden, who, if elected, is a typical do-nothing politician that has done nothing and will do nothing but serve his party and their wants and needs for the next four years. A chameleon, to the nth degree who will say whatever is necessary to be elected. Think about it. 44 years of doing nothing but living off the government. What a waste.

I certainly don’t have to repeat the accomplishments of the executive branch in the last four years. Just read what Shannon has said. It’s there in a nutshell. Pause, reason and seriously think about her words. How anyone can vote for the Democratic ticket is incomprehensible to me.

As for the Union Leader, I will keep my subscription because of the obituaries, funnies, crossword puzzle and Back Page.



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