Infrastructure bill needs a bipartisan process

To the Editor: There seems to be widespread consensus that the U.S. Congress needs to pass an infrastructure bill for the health of our nation. Unfortunately, it appears that political partisanship and the current environment for the legislative process may jeopardize passage of an effective bill. As members of No Labels, we want to advocate for the use of the “Regular Order” process and not the “Reconciliation” process for passage of the infrastructure bill.

Regular order means more bipartisan work to reach compromise as legislators work in committee and have active debate. It ensures passage of a smarter, stronger bill that has been more fully debated on which infrastructure projects are funded and how they are funded. It will also detail plans for accountability and oversight of how infrastructure monies are determined and distributed.

We believe the infrastructure bill presents an extremely important opportunity for our national legislators to work together in a bipartisan effort to renew and build American infrastructure. This will make the lives of all U.S. citizens safer, more enjoyable, and better able to compete in a global marketplace. Passage of an effective and well-crafted infrastructure bill will also help to restore the diminishing confidence American voters have in how our legislative branch functions.

Please contact your congressional leaders NOW and encourage them to work diligently on getting an infrastructure bill that is effective and beneficial to all Americans.


Salmon Street, Manchester

Thursday, July 29, 2021
Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Tuesday, July 27, 2021