To the Editor: We are starting to make some much-needed progress on the drug crisis in New Hampshire. However, much work still needs to be done.

Especially good progress has been made to turn in old prescription drugs no longer needed. Now, it’s time to extend that idea to Schedule I — illegal drugs — as well. What does a mom or dad do with these substances if found perhaps in the laundry room in the pocket of dirty jeans, or a family member’s bedroom? Great question.

Should they be flushed down the toilet to go into the ground water or neighboring river? No. Should they be thrown into the trash to be put into a landfill? No. Just turn the drugs in.

House Bill 1223 will enable a community to decide to set up a separate receptacle to anonymously receive these found drugs. No questions asked. Let’s get these dangerous drugs out of circulation.

Please contact your state representative to support HB1223 and let’s give moms and dads this legal option to properly dispose. Just turn the drugs in, and let’s save lives.

Rep. Tom Dolan


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To the Editor: Having moved to New Hampshire from Miami two years ago, I was proud of the response of the citizens of this great state to the COVID-19 virus and now we are better off for it. Things are not great, and there is pain and suffering for sure, but compared to other states, y’all c…

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