Lauding Landrigan

To the Editor: I am writing in response to a nasty letter criticizing your political writer, Kevin Landrigan.

When I did talk radio, one of my favorite guests was Kevin Landrigan.

He was always very well informed and also right down the middle in our conversations.

He is very knowledgeable about New Hampshire politics and also national politics.

The writer complained that Kevin is anti-Trump. You are not anti-someone if you are reporting on people in the Republican Party who don’t like the President, just as you are not anti-Joe Biden if you report on Democrats who don’t want Joe Biden to be the nominee.

To also call Publisher Joe McQuaid a liberal is laughable.

The writer seems angry and that is too bad because it reflects the politics of today. Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill certainly didn’t agree on much but they could work together to get something done because they were friends.

Kevin Landrigan is as good a political reporter as we have in New Hampshire and the writer of that letter shouldn’t take Kevin’s reporting of things the writer doesn’t like as Kevin’s opinion.

He is just doing his job and doing it very well.


New Boston


New Boston