Let’s save ourselves

To the Editor: A new generation of progressive activists is embracing the “senior” senator from Vermont, who is calling for fundamental change in this country.

Fundamental positive change is not conceivable with a moderate Democrat leading the party.

Imagination, courage and a record unblemished by Wall Street is not forthcoming from middle-of-the-road candidates.

We cannot afford to toe the line through moderation and concede this country to right-wing extremists.

Mitch and friends work well with moderate Democrats.

Our moderate Democrats have piddled your hard-worked gains away to corporate America. Moderation in the Democratic Party is tacitly complicit in the “election” of the current President.

Did we hear the voices of America in 2016?

The calamity of climate change threatens to destroy all of us.

Who among our presidential candidates takes money from corporate interests?

Look it up.

Will you read about Bernie’s climate change agenda? Will you base your vote on fact or media fiction?

A moderate Democrat will not get us out of this mess.

Status quo is why Hillary was rejected.

Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson did some great things for this country, but it was not through moderation.

In our time of need, let’s give someone with a clean record a chance to pull this off.

The feeble dribbles of moderate Democrats are no solution in our time of need.

Kick it up a notch and help us save ourselves, would you?