Democrat failures

To the Editor: In regards to two letters of Sept. 9, Ms. Stefany Shaheen of Portsmouth explains to us that in New Hampshire our cities are neither Republican or Democrat, interesting. Portsmouth and Nashua vote Democrat, Hudson and Hollis vote Republican. Shaheen then states that communities who are facing looting, arson, and murder (36 deaths due to Black Lives Matter and Antifa, both Marxist institutions bent on destroying America) that this is happening on President Donald Trump’s watch. Yet she doesn’t say that all these Democratic cities refused help until some mayors acquiesced as their cities burned. And Shaheen is in law enforcement? How long before Portsmouth throws your police department under the bus?

Joe Biden will say whatever his handlers tell him to to get himself elected, but Mr. Anthony Antonico tells us that Donald Trump is responsible for the COVID-19 deaths. When Trump shut down travel to and from China on January 31st, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Biden, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Mayor Marty Walsh all called him a racist yet urged us right up to mid March to go out to dinner more than six weeks after Trump shut down China travel. The World Health Organization and China also were not forthcoming with current information. Mr. Antonico, stay in your home, put a mask on. It is obvious that the specter of death frightens you.

I do see two factors here, one is a lack of knowledge and the second is hate.


Searles Road, Nashua

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To the Editor:  Last week many people in the North Country received in the mail a flyer in support of a Republican candidate running for a state office. It's not important which candidate because the flyer stated that although the material was paid for by the New Hampshire Republican State C…

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