Libertarianism is not compatible with racism

To the Editor: Racism is not a non-issue, as declared by the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire on Twitter. It is a Libertarian issue.

The Libertarian Party was founded on a platform of fierce individualism. Some misunderstand individualism to be a directive to collect whatever resources may be necessary to withdraw from the world and ignore its problems, but the reality is far different from that.

Individualism is about becoming self-sufficient so you don’t put a burden on your community, and then going out into the world to make it a better place. A better world would be freer and more prosperous, and a freer and more prosperous world will necessitate breaking down the barriers to freedom and prosperity that still unfortunately exist for racial minorities in this country.

The Libertarian Party’s platform has always included a warning against bigotry in all its forms, and the denial and downplay of racism exists as a particularly pernicious form of bigotry. As a former interim chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire, I never saw these very basic facts about the party and about the philosophy to be objectionable. In order for all people to be viewed as individuals, the barriers that exist based on their class must be broken down. This is just not hard to understand.

Racism is not a non-issue in America. Racism is alive, and Libertarianism is inherently antithetical to it.