‘Live free or die’ is our way

To the Editor: I am concerned with an underground movement to radically change our American opinion of what propelled our forebears to create the republic. I am even more concerned about local efforts to overturn the New Hampshire Legislature’s decision to prevent this.

Critical Race Theory, and its morphed reappearances under different names, is the creature of a wholesale rewrite of American History. Its fabrication was done to divide the American population into tribes. A fractionated public is much more difficult to unite in opposition.

As a school boy I learned all about America’s original sin of slavery. I understood the moves behind extricating the nation from that moral misstep. I also understood the lingering prejudices sparked by the turmoil surrounding emancipation. I got all this, decades ago, without the need to change the date of the Declaration of Independence to 1619.

The CRT curricula now flooding the primary and secondary schools of our nation is an attempt to craft a message to match the narrative of one party to the public discourse.

That sort of tilting the playing field contradicts the aim of providing individuals the facts they need to exert their freedom in choosing sides in any debate. The hard working, tax paying people of New Hampshire should read their automobile license plates before adopting a position on this or any other issue.