Looking for toll relief

To the Editor: I would like to remind Merrimack residents that for my entire career on the Executive Council, I have stood with them in trying to get toll relief.

At the governor’s recent stop in Merrimack, he said, and I quote from the video: “Look. Talk to Deb. Deb is all for raising tolls. Good luck trying to get Deb to get rid of your tolls. Really, you should talk to her.”

At the last council meeting, I asked the governor about his comments. He said I had my facts wrong. But, I have the video, and the facts.

In 2005, I cast a protest vote because no toll relief was delivered to Merrimack.

In 2007, I voted against toll increases. That fall, I worked on an initiative to give Merrimack residents two free toll passes per day. The process culminated in the Merrimack Town Council voting to declare Toll Revolt Day after my proposal was voted down by the Executive Council.

In 2009, I again opposed an increase in highway tolls. In 2014, I was out of office but supported the elimination of tolls at Exit 12 in Merrimack.

Many Merrimack residents know of my efforts over a long time. A lot of new residents may not know. Unfortunately, the governor’s recent comments in Merrimack were dead wrong.

Maybe the governor will now acknowledge my efforts and support me in getting toll fairness for Merrimack?


Executive Council — District 5



Executive Council - District 5