Hudson golf course plan comes as no surprise

To the Editor: I’m as sad as anyone to see the beautiful Green Meadows Golf Course close after so many years, but as Hudson residents we knew it was inevitably going to happen and that property was going to change.

The family that operates the golf course has been trying to sell the property for years but have been forced to continue operations because some residents would rather have a golf course in their backyard — who wouldn’t?

The reality of the situation is that the family has a right to sell their property and the town should not stand in the way, but rather make sure the town gets the best possible deal they can.

I believe that the Hudson Logistics Center proposal accomplishes that goal. It’s important to remember that this property has long been zoned for this kind of development.

It is an allowable use and, in my opinion, much better than other potential uses.

This project will bring in significant tax revenue into the town each year without creating a huge burden on services that ultimately minimize those tax dollars. Beyond that, the Hillwood team continues to demonstrate a willingness to work with the town, listen to the neighbors, and accommodate their requests to minimize the impact they may have.

Hudson will not get another opportunity like this and should not let this one pass us by.



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To the Editor: A previous writer stated that the Hudson Logistics Center is “the best option we will ever get for our town.” Given this project’s negative impacts, I don’t want to settle for it just because it’s the one on the table now. This Center will create additional burdens on the town…

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