To the Editor: “Marianne who?”

Well, after the second Democratic debates, I’m hoping more people are answering with “Williamson,” of course!

Her campaign slogan, “Turn Love into a Political Force,” may elicit some to snicker at the idea of even mentioning the words of love and politics in the same breath.

But deeply consider this for a moment: What motive, emotion, or vision inspires you to really make a change in your life? Think about the driving force in your life when you care about something -- such as a treasured friendship, the issue of animal abuse, the protection of our air, water and wildlife.

Is it not love that gives us the power to go out and try to right a wrong, soothe the wounded, encourage a child, save an endangered species?

Why not use this power of love to improve our government, the power of love to create fair and equitable laws of our land, and the power of love to govern our people? Is this just another crazy idea? I think not!

Marianne has many solid, visionary ideas. She’s just the kind of leader that our country needs. And she couldn’t come along at a more critical time. She certainly has 100% of my support.