To the Editor: I am writing not as a voter in District 3 but as a supporter of Mindi Messmer for Executive Council District 3. I met Mindi over a year ago and recently had the pleasure of accompanying Mindi on a trip to Washington DC where we both spoke at the Less event.

It is Mindi’s determination to make things happen and getting people to listen to issues surrounding children’s cancers, water contamination, landfill contamination and other environmental issues. I sincerely believe that Mindi’s experience, education and more importantly her determination is all that is needed to be a part of the Executive Council in District 3.

Mindi became my friend and counterpart on the 157th NH Air National Guard’s Pease Health Work Group during 2019. It is during this time that I grew to understand her passion for answers on water contamination, her interest and support for the chemical contamination of our military and for a better environment.

Mindi’s relentless pursuit of clean drinking water, answers to the cancers in New Hampshire, and the effects of climate change in our environment are the reason we must all support her efforts. We all deserve to have clean air and water – not only for our generation but the generations that follow.

Please consider Mindi Messmer for the position of Executive Council District 3. She will do the office great honor. I support her as a friend from Colebrook.



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