Miss New Hampshire and fur trapping

To the Editor: It was a wise move for the Miss America and Miss New Hampshire organizations to delay their pageants until next year because of the pandemic. The next wise move would be for the Miss New Hampshire organization to end their tradition of accepting a fur coat from the New Hampshire Trappers Association every year.

The story broke last year that former contestants felt pressured to accept the fur coat made from trapped and skinned wildlife, and also to make appearances for trappers. It made them uncomfortable, and, according to one former contestant, the thought of that coat being put on her if she won was unpleasant.

Most modern younger people are aware that trapping is inhumane, and to wear fur today is synonymous with supporting animal cruelty. However, the people in charge of Miss New Hampshire are apparently stuck in a bygone era.

Recently, a picture of a suffering raccoon with both front paws in traps and on his back, was exposed on the N.H. Citizens Against Recreational Trapping Facebook page. Comments from trappers with the picture joked that the raccoon was in a sexual position. One of those comments was from a prominent trapper. By having trappers as sponsors and accepting that fur coat, the Miss New Hampshire organization supports that behavior.

Please consider joining 2020 and leave the antiquated fur coat tradition behind. No compassionate modern young woman would want to support that cruelty, please stop making her.



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