More in Mueller Report

To the Editor: The Mueller report, now in local bookstores, documents ”widespread and systematic” attacks by Russia on the American election system. The Russians not only hacked e-mails and set up fake Facebook and other accounts, they also hacked into the accounts of state and local elections systems and campaign volunteers. They even organized rallies for Trump.

The report makes clear that the Trump campaign was aware of these efforts and knew it would benefit. The report also documents many contacts between campaign people and the Russian government.

Part of the reason for the counter-intelligence investigation is to prevent an attack like this from happening again. However, when Kirstjen Neilsen, head of Trump’s department of Homeland Security, tried to warn Trump of this continuing threat to our country, aides told her never to mention this around Trump. To this day, Trump refuses to acknowledge the help Russia gave him. So we face another election with no security measures.

Moreover, the Mueller report also documents a number of Trump’s efforts to impede the investigation or shut it down altogether. Recently, three former justice department officials from the Reagan and Bush administrations have stated publicly that Trump has obstructed justice and should be impeached. If you watch Fox News, you might have seen them in an ad posted by Republicans for the Rule of Law.

If you don’t want to read the Mueller report — it’s not an easy read — please google this Republican organization. Or look at the website for Republican Justin Amash, R-Mich., and read his speeches and tweets. He is a conservative Republican congressman who is also calling for impeachment.