Move on, Democrats

To the Editor: I think that any Democrat that favors socialism/Marxism over capitalism for the new America they seem to want to build should go to Miami, build a raft, and flee as quickly as possible to Cuba.

Either that or go to Mexico and hop on top of one of those trains and head for Venezuela.

Why not go where it’s already working so well instead of expending so much energy trying to bring it here?

After all, there’s nothing great about America. Right? So why stay here?

If you guys want to “move on” so much, I think you should.

Of course, there may be a problem getting into either of those countries. They probably have rules or laws against foreigners moving in.

You could try to sneak in but then probably you would be shot if you got caught. I don’t know if they would provide free emergency health care afterwards.

They might not since you entered illegally.

Oh, well.

It’s just one of those risks you’ll have to take to pursue your dream of the utopia you’re seeking.