Much ado about budgets

To the Editor: Gov. ChrisSununu has pledged to keep us free of an income or sales tax. But does he realize broadbased taxes would be needed if commuter rail is installed? He needs to VETO SB 241 to stop that boondoggle in its tracks.

Also, what is he doing about SB 306 that is conveniently hidden in the budget? It’s a provision to set up a 3-person (appointed, unelected and unaccountable) state “appeals board” that would allow developers to run roughshod over your town meeting votes and subsequent board decisions, per those votes. This includes ANY board, including the Historic District Commissions and Conservation Commissions in your respective towns. Developers would have the upper hand, taxpayers be damned.

Does Sununu really want that egregious abuse of power and theft of local control as part of his legacy?

Come on NH, this affects us all. Call the governor’s office now and tell him about these two important issues.