What will intransigent Nashua board do now?

To the Editor: What is the Nashua Board of Education going to do now? Governor Chris Sununu ordered all schools to open five days a week starting April 19th. This is what most Nashua parents have been waiting for since the 2020-2021 school year began. The school board members must be very upset to have lost this battle to keep our kids out of Nashua classrooms.

Why didn’t the Nashua BOE let kids in school before now? Some of this is due to fear and caution. I can understand that way of thinking. Nobody wants to see people die. However, every study has concluded that children have an extremely low rate of contracting the virus. The death rate for children is .003%. The odds don’t get any better than that.

The teachers union is to blame. The union told teachers and Nashua BOE that the sky was going to fall if our children were allowed into the schools. Doom and gloom was preached from the highest mountaintops in order to have control over the kids, teachers and parents.

This Chicken Little school board bought what the teachers union was selling. I read that the teacher’s union contributed to six Nashua BOE members. These board members probably did not get a lot of money, but they had to be influenced by the almighty union.

The school board made multiple decisions that allowed our children to fail. Nashua parents will not forget the misguided actions of the school board.


Seminole Drive, Nashua

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