NH GOP squares off over 4 more years of Trump

To the Editor: In one camp are Republicans like Jennifer Horn, former chair of the state Republican Party. Horn believes that Donald Trump has been the “most destructive, most divisive president in modern times.” Horn is co-founder of The Lincoln Project, a conservative organization working to defeat Trump in November.

In the opposing camp are Republicans like Gov. Chris Sununu, who wants to see Donald Trump re-elected. Sununu endorsed Trump in 2016 and pledges to vote for Trump again in November. “I’ll be supporting him all the way through,” Sununu tells the Washington Examiner.

Are you a Republican running for office in New Hampshire this year? Perhaps you are a candidate for state representative, executive councilor, or U.S. senator. Whatever office you are seeking, you will have to decide. Do you want Trump removed from office? Or do you want Trump re-elected so he serves a second four-year term as our president and commander in chief?

You will be asked this question until you answer it. And how you answer it will tell us a great deal about the values you embrace and the agenda you support. Jennifer Horn wants Trump out of office. Chris Sununu wants Trump re-elected. Are you against Donald Trump or are you for him? New Hampshire voters want to know.



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