NH is fortunate to have Sununu in our corner

To the Editor: New Hampshire is fortunate to have Governor Chris Sununu leading our state and protecting our New Hampshire advantage. Chris Sununu understands that “Live Free or Die” is not just a motto found on our license plates; it is a way of life ingrained deeply in the hearts of all Granite Staters.

The New Hampshire Advantage is more than the absence of a sales or income tax; it’s preserving what sets us apart from other states, particularly those around us. Yes, having no sales or income tax is top of that list, but it is also about local control, spending our tax dollars wisely, and preserving our quality of life.

Watching Chris Sununu travel our state, talk to real people, and visit businesses big and small, it’s easy to see that he understands what makes our state unique and is willing to fight for it. Governor Sununu clearly understands the importance of protecting and preserving our New Hampshire advantage, but he also knows the importance of promoting it.

Since becoming Governor, Chris Sununu has been our state’s most prominent and most vocal ambassador attracting businesses and creating new career opportunities for working families all around our state. We are lucky to have such a strong advocate for our state and everyone who lives here.


Drew Ave, Manchester