NH students are diverse, but their education options aren’t

To the Editor: Every day in life we are offered many choices, yet as a parent I am not offered those same choices for my child. We are assigned a school based on our zip code and only those with the financial means can break that rule. I think it is time we break that rule for every student.

Children learn in different ways. Public schools work for some students, but not for all. At no extra cost, parents who do not have the financial means to give their child additional options can be empowered. How? Education Freedom Accounts. They allow the state portion of education dollars to follow the student in the form of an account for tuition and other approved educational services. As a parent, I urge legislators to pass these accounts into law. They are a publicly-funded form of K-12 and achieve the number one goal of public education, educating students.

Advances in technology and entrepreneurship have transformed our world in so many ways. I can go to the grocery store and choose from 100 flavors of ice cream, yet when it comes to my child’s education I am only allowed one flavor.

In a world filled with choices and options, we’re still assigning students to school based on the location of their parents’ home and zip code. It is unacceptable that our children suffer because of it. We can do better and we should do better. New Hampshire students need Education Freedom Accounts now.


Amherst Street, Manchester