NHRS is failing our retired state workers

To The Editor: Some recent and I think questionable financial performance of the New Hampshire Retirement System is bad for the entire state.

A recent quarterly investment update is reporting financial investment return(s) of 1.1% for this quasi-state agency that is responsible for the secure retirement of thousands of state employees.

This low number is significant because of the large $9.1341 billion-dollar financial portfolio controlled by this state pension fund and the reasons why this number is so low. I’ve never understood the investment strategy of the N.H. Retirement System, which seems to me defined by risky foreign exchange derivatives, commission-based brokers, actuarial science and cyclical real estate investments.

Meanwhile, there are many quality capital investments right here in New Hampshire that demonstrate real capital growth with practical business plans, local leadership and pay quarterly dividends. So, what exactly is the investment strategy of the N.H. Retirement System?

The answer to this question should be more than 1.1%.



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