No violence at Concord rally, just common sense

To the Editor: I attended a rally of about 200 citizens at the State House yesterday and heard compelling stories. Some speakers were first-generation immigrants. They spoke with passion and eloquence about escaping communist regimes in Asia. They see America as a land of freedom and opportunity where they were welcomed despite being from different races and cultures.

Other speakers — also people of color — spoke about their own experiences and rejected the notion that America is systemically racist and denies people the opportunity to better themselves. They mocked the suggestion that, because they are Black, they are incapable of using computers or getting photo identification without government help.

One speaker described Critical Race Theory training and what teachers are told to impart to students, for example, teaching bi- or multi-racial children to align with their non-White selves and reject their White portion. The audience reaction to this was one of disgust.

Unanimously, the speakers denounced using tax dollars to propagate CRT (described by one Black minister as “Crazy Radical Trash”). They also criticized CRT for dividing people, rather than unifying our society and working toward better lives for everyone.

As a grandparent, I oppose teaching radical ideology to schoolchildren who are uncritically trusting of their teachers. CRT advocates are free to push their racist bigotry on their own dime, but they have no right to raid the public treasury to sow hatred among our children.

No buildings in Concord were invaded, defaced or torched. We are not, thank God, Portland, Oregon.