To the Editor: When will this administration start doing the right thing?

This new proposed budget for America released by the Trump administration aims to make our country more polluted and is not what the public wants.

This will drastically cut the funding for the EPA with a devastating effect. This is yet another example of this administration ignoring the needs of the people in order to appease lobbyists, corporate interests, and short-sighted profits.

This proposed budget aims to cut the Environmental Protection Agency funding by 31 percent, roughly $2.8 billion, at a time when the climate change issue is more pertinent than ever.

The EPA is already largely underfunded, and these cuts to its budget will diminish our clean-energy research and environmental regulations.

We are at a time when we need to be vamping up our environmental policies and renewable energy research, not gutting them.

Recently, the National Climate Assessment warned us of the pending danger to humanity if we do not act strongly and quickly.

However Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist and the current EPA administrator, was appointed by the Trump administration and has been cutting environmental regulation across the board.

This is not what the public wants and is motivated by short-term profits and self interest.

All over the country you can see the public and private sector working together to combat this global climate crisis that we all are facing.

Here in New Hampshire we expect our elected officials to support climate change action and deny these outrageous budget proposals.

This administration needs to be confronted and overcome.