Peace Corps volunteers deserved better

To the Editor: As a proud supporter of the Peace Corps, I was dismayed to learn that as Congress begins to consider a new round of stimulus to address the coronavirus pandemic, legislation has been introduced that would — among other things — take back $88 million dollars already approved and expended by the Peace Corps.

House Bill 6657 purports to take back funds that were not “actual needs” to address the pandemic. Was ensuring the safe evacuation and return of 7,300 Peace Corps volunteers serving our nation all around the world not an actual need? Was providing two months of paid health care and other standard — but limited — support to help volunteers resettle in their home country not an actual need?

Representatives have many opportunities to demonstrate support for Peace Corps and the future deployment of volunteers. Opposing HR 6657 and this irresponsible attempt to take back earlier approved funding, is the next step to take.



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