Pro-life should include a broader moral outlook

To the Editor: President Donald Trump’s most faithful supporters proudly trumpet their pro-life stance. They have a shockingly narrow definition of what pro-life means and they are in fact culpable in ushering in a world of far greater death and misery.

Under Trump, America is ill prepared to battle COVID-19. He wishes to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, knowing there’s nothing to replace it with. His proposed budget cuts food stamps and the CHIP program that provides health care to children. Slashing environmental regulations and promoting coal increase cancer.

Abandoning the Paris Climate Accord makes humanity’s future more precarious. Cutting foreign aid kills the world’s most vulnerable people. American armament sales to Saudi Arabia allows the war in Yemen to rage on, threatening a famine. Abandonment of the Iran nuclear deal allows that regime to enrich ever-increasing amounts of uranium. The North Korean “love letter exchange” yielded nothing but a presidential photo op while emboldening Kim Jong-un to add to his nuclear arsenal. Trump will turn a blind eye to Xi Jinping’s placing a million Uighur Muslims in “re-education” camps as long as China purchased more soybeans from states important to the president’s reelection.

Should Trump exit NATO, we have a destabilized Europe. What could possibly go wrong on that continent?

Separating this thin-skinned, volatile man from the nuclear launch codes is the ultimate pro-life action!

The pro-life community might consider a broader moral calculus in November. Continued willful indifference to this president’s life-destroying actions would make them complicit in incalculable human suffering.


Westwood Drive, Nashua

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