Proud of bipartisanship embodied in Rx reform bill

To the Editor: COVID-19 has put our economy on hold and families are falling behind. Our state’s leaders must take every step they can to put dollars back in the pockets of hardworking Granite Staters. It could be the difference between making a rent payment or being able to afford a prescription medication.

The passage of HB 1280 shows that our elected officials care about working families across New Hampshire. According to research conducted by the Josiah Bartlett Center, the “PBM reverse auction” established in HB 1280 would save taxpayers $22 million a year, and a total of $53.1 million over the next three years.

This bill will make prescription medications cheaper by diverting profits away from Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) Fortune 500 corporations who essentially earn a high profit by up charging our prescription medications back into the hands of hardworking Granite Staters.

HB 1280 reforms PBM business practices, making the real costs of prescription drug plans transparent to purchasers and requiring them to compete in multiple rounds of online bidding to be awarded the state’s PBM contract.

With HB 1280, we saw our leaders come together to help all New Hampshire families, businesses, and communities. Despite a global pandemic and economic despair, this bipartisanship makes me hopeful for the future of our state.

Let’s bring these savings to New Hampshire as swiftly as possible and maybe our federal officials in D.C. could learn a thing or two from us Granite Staters.



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