Republicans empower NH’s economic recovery

To the Editor: Our economy has been through a lot the last few months, and no one expected or predicted a global pandemic that would erase so much economic prosperity and growth.

Now in July, it seems no one was able to predict just how quickly our economy — directed by Republican policies at the federal and state level — would bounce back from the abyss.

Our markets, employers, and individual consumers clearly have confidence in the leadership of President Donald Trump and Gov. Chris Sununu to get our economy back on track in the safest and most economically advantageous way. The governor has utilized crucial CARES Act funding secured for New Hampshire by President Trump to provide relief for our Main Street businesses, sole-proprietors, and self-employed business owners.

What have Democrats in New Hampshire done while President Trump and Gov. Sununu have rebuilt our economy? They voted to raise taxes on employers during a global pandemic.

We’ve heard crickets on that business tax hike passed by state Democrats from members of our federal delegation. Do Jeanne Shaheen, Maggie Hassan, Chris Pappas, and Ann Kuster agree with their Democrat Party that now is the time to raise taxes?

We should all remember this November those Republicans who fought to rebuild New Hampshire in the aftermath of COVID-19 and those Democrats who thought the pandemic that brought the world economy to its knees was a perfect time.



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