Republicans lead, Democrats decry

To the Editor: Democrats have vigorously decried several policy decisions passed in the state budget bills, below are their real purposes.

Investors in the notorious FRM Ponzi scheme will be reimbursed because the state, from the Attorney General to the Banking Commissioner and others, ignored over 70 complaints against FRM causing those losses. Democrats propose the citizens take the hit from a government failure to protect citizens.

Women seeking abortions must have ultrasounds (routinely used to determine the mother’s condition and the age of the fetus to protect the mother’s health). Democrats propose we keep the slaughter of viable babies legal in New Hampshire up until the moment of birth.

Public schools and private corporations doing business with the state are banned from teaching as factual so-called “divisive concepts” like one’s race makes one an oppressor; men are inherently rapists; or the only cure for past discrimination is to discriminate on the basis of race/sex now. Democrats demand everyone be taught to discriminate on the basis of race or sex despite 250 years of us promoting judgment on the basis of a person’s character.

Parents who want to send their kids to private or religious schools, or to home-school them, will receive tax-funded vouchers harming public schools. Democrats want every child trapped in a public school based on zip code instead of giving parents more control over where and how their children are taught.

Republicans enacted policies to hold government accountable, protect life, prevent discrimination, and expand liberty. We should be proud.



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