Right to work is wrong for New Hampshire

To the Editor: I am writing to speak out against so-called right to work. This is the last thing we need in our great state of New Hampshire. So-called right to work is wrong and doesn’t give you any rights. The law would let workers opt-out of paying their union dues but still require the union to represent them.

Imagine having a potluck supper every weekend and there is one person that never brings anything to contribute to the success of the meal. Eventually this person who doesn’t contribute will be a drain on everyone else who does contribute.

It would be the same thing if right to work is passed. It would stretch our unions to the breaking point by forcing it to cover free riders.

The good wages and benefits we enjoy are because our unions negotiated them with willing business who know the value of having well-trained employees that unions train in our own schools. Good negotiated wages allow me and my family to spend more money at local shops, restaurants, and other businesses. By weakening unions and putting those wages at risk, so-called right to work will hurt our families and our state economy.