Payments to able-bodied parents enrage disabled

To the Editor: I am so angry about the new child stimulus credit. I’ve heard that it’s like “Social Security” for parents. That doesn’t help the rest of us actually already on Social Security, like me. I am 52, with no children under 18, on Social Security disability and get $1,120 each month after Medicare. Some of the beneficiaries of this stimulus are able-bodied individuals who have the ability to make an income and continue earning a livelihood, some are two-income households. I am not.

Can you live on $1,120 per month with medical issues and deductibles? Additionally, my 19 year old only-child is serving in the military. Do you think this is how we should treat Americans? I do not.

I am stuck, because I receive a very small insurance payment (long-term disability) from work I do not qualify for any other assistance from anywhere. I’m not on EBT, WIC, Section 8. anything. I am technically not considered “poverty level” though I disagree.

I am not angry that we are trying to help working families. I am very angry that we have done nothing to help our most vulnerable population, the disabled, needy and elderly. We paid into the system for years. To call it a new form of “Social Security” is insulting when it doesn’t help those of us who funded it and are hurting.


Gold Street, Manchester

Thursday, September 23, 2021
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