Sununu is extreme

To the Editor: Governor Sununu has taken to calling New Hampshire Democrats “extremists,” even as he criss-crosses the state claiming credit for one of their biggest achievements this year: increased state funding for public schools.

Yet a look at the governor’s record reveals that he’s the one who’s extreme.

Not only did the governor vehemently oppose the desperately needed school funding increases that he now takes credit for, he actually supports a constitutional amendment removing state responsibility for public education altogether.

On the environment, despite the overwhelming consensus of climate scientists, Sununu refuses to even acknowledge the human contribution to climate change, much less work toward solutions.

According to a WMUR poll, 84% of Granite Staters want strengthened background checks on firearm sales. Are they extreme, or is Gov. Sununu, who vetoed a bipartisan bill to do just that?

And consider his veto of an anti-gerrymandering bill that conservative Republican Senator Gray helped to craft.

Does the governor now consider Sen. Gray “extreme”?

Anyone who has missed work to care for a dying spouse would think it beyond the pale to call paid family medical leave a “vacation,” as Sununu did before jokingly auctioning off the pen he used to veto it.

Sununu vetoed a whopping 57 bills in the last session, most of which had bipartisan support.

The previous veto record was 15.

Somehow the governor maintains a straight face when he describes himself as a moderate who works across the aisle, but his record proves otherwise.