Sununu, Kamen PPE efforts protecting U.S. veterans

To the Editor: Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Chris Sununu and his team have sharpened their skills in procuring PPE for New Hampshire and the rest of the United States. Just last week, Governor Sununu greeted a FedEx cargo plane carrying 400,000 gowns at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. These much-needed gowns are going to be shipped to VA hospitals across the country.

Robert Wilkie, the U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, contacted the governor directly to request his assistance in securing PPE. With the additional assistance of Dean Kamen and others, the governor was able to deliver on Secretary Wilkie’s request.

According to Deborah Scher, executive advisor to Secretary Wilkie, “New Hampshire is the single most dependable source for PPE for the entire VA, serving nine million veterans and protecting our healthcare workers.”

In addition to serving the people of New Hampshire, Governor Sununu has been able to keep individuals across the country safe and healthy.

Under Governor Sununu’s leadership, the state has been able to secure seven flights carrying life-saving PPE since March. This has allowed the state to beef up its stockpile, sell masks in New Hampshire liquor stores “at cost” to consumers, and keep our healthcare facilities stocked up.

These supplies have been instrumental in the state’s approach to slowing the spread of COVID-19 and part of the reason why New Hampshire’s new case counts continue to be some of the lowest in the country.



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